Awkward situations

Hmm, at some time or other, everyone finds themselves in an awkward situation.

And I am referring to someone suddenly talking to you about something so personal, or another topic that you disbelief or you feel shame about that. Topics such as money (salary), politics, religion are very controversial but, more awkward could be the situation if you top with someone who is touchy or conservative viewpoint. There are many possibilities in which you could find yourself not able to answer or continue with the back and forth in the conversation.

Meanwhile, for any of these embarrassed moments, there are certain ways to start a small chat with someone:

  • Do you mind if I ask you about ….? (typical)
  • Would you mind if I asked about …? (typical)
  • Do you feel comfortable talking about …?

There are some ways responding to these type of questions:

  • I’d be happy to talk about …
  • Actually, I would mind.
  • It all depends on. What do you have in mind?
  • Excuse me, I don’t think it an appropriate question.
  • Just to let you know, some people might feel uncomfortable with this topic …


I remember these manners to use in a talk thanks to Peter W. Murphy with one of his books “Always know what to say“. Of course, I encourage all my followers to check this book and enjoy a fantastic way to have a nice chat with anybody you would like.




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