New year resolutions 2016

Hello to all my dear fellows,

my first line on this blog could be a little weird to digest, but I only want to remark that we are running in a new year and it is time to start on our personal projects.

And ‘Yes’ after a fortnight of January 2016, it could be difficult to believe at this moment, but this is still happening, the well-known post-holiday syndromeThis phenomenon generalised affected to youngest and elder people without consideration of sex, religion, colour skin.

It is proved that this low feeling always starts on Sundays night when everyone is thinking to go back school or office on Mondays morning. Surprisingly, it is turning into worse when a noisy alarm remind us that it is time to jump out of bed and start our daily routines. Sometimes, this harmless thing ended up broke on the wall.

Honestly, one of my suggestions is to breathe deeply for a couple of minutes, stretching your body and let your brain be ready for a new challenge to achieve and discover a fascinating world which is waiting for you.




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