La Llave de Salomón

Written by the journalist José Rodrigues Dos Santos.

I am reading this fascinating novel as part of my Christmas gifts coming from one of my lovely Portuguese’ friend. Although this book has been translated to Spanish, I really appreciate it cos I love reading any kind of books and I will write my final critic next month ASAP. By the way, this book has fairly recently published last May 21, 2015.

From what I think, once I finish to read it, I will get it in the English version and start to read it again cos such an intrigue book with history fiction and suspense.

Let me share one of his comments at the beginning:

La información científica y técnica incluida en esta novela es genuina. Las teorías y prácticas que se presentan están siendo definidas por científicos.

Which it is translated to:

Scientific and technical information in this novel is genuine. Theories and practices presented are being defined by scientists.

Finally, I only have to say that for reader lovers of history fiction, it is a must to read this book which has a brief explanation of Quantum Physics and treating theories about realities.

Further information in the following links:

Enjoy it!



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