The ‘V’ word

This is the first time I have spent so much time deciding a title on an article like this. Especially, this one could touch with some friends but, it’s based on my own personal experience.

Anyway, it’s coming soon the second biggest commercial day of the year based on Roman Christian martyred during the persecution of Emperor Claudius II. Easy to get an idea what I refer to?. Yes, St. Valentine is the day on which the birds, returning in the very early spring, choose their mates. I don’t deny it’s all Greek to me but, it’s truly about how a Christian event ended up in a commercial and loving fest in Central-Europe.

Vitality or Vigor refers to having a physical or mental strength in a situation of our life. I’d rather drive this topic in this context on the paragraphs below and avoid writing about the well-known topic that everyone knows, Love.

We recognize that those who become singles again or like my case as a ‘bachelor‘ after making so much effort in a relationship recently, I am walking again in my own direction after a break-up. Ordinarily, a bunch of thinkings overrun the mind by days and weeks such as anger, desire, despair, sadness, melancholy, etc., and it is a nightmare, the lack of sleeping shows the evidence of productivity on daily routines and everyone notices it. It’s said that men are by far the worst depressed and I bet that is absolutely true.

Hard time in a break-off (break up) 

The situation starts when he/she says “we need to talk” and what happens then, it is exactly what you were presuming:

We are not going to anywhere… We should give us time to reflect“.

This is one of the common phrases used exactly before the uncomfortable silence and it is politically correct – because he / she were bored with you but, still has good feelings and intentions and only needs your friendship. Surprisingly, the broken heart syndrome facing you unexcepted which two clear phases: rejection and depression of it. Rejection is that thing in your mind which is fighting and thinking to solve it. Depression is when you starts to sleep better but still think about him / her. It’s obvious that being rejected by someone causes consequences in you, physically and mentally for a while.

Is it a good idea to restart a relationship with an ex-partner?

For self-respect, look at yourself in a mirror and says loudly: “I am worth a lot“.

There are certain things we have always known

Release everything that reminds you potentially about him/her.

Break up means to break up; … and seriously, avoid any kind of contact with that person and going places where you can bump into him / her.

Stop drinking alcohol and smoking. These are depressive substances which no helps you absolutely at all instead, you will end up in bad results with low morale.

Do sports. Due to gives you high endorphins and makes you waste energy and regulate your sleeping.

Who has a friend, has a treasure. They are people with good intentions and positive benefits and only want you to have a good timing.

It is awful to think that the person with whom you share many things is totally out of your suffering, but time heals indifference, because the world does not stop and because there are millions and millions of wonderful people out of home waiting for you.

Finally, I hope these tips can help those who are having a hard time right now and will serve to help any friend who needs them.






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