Personal tips to improve your memory

Part of learning a new language is memorizing vocabulary. It could be boring, e.g.; to write it several times, or it could be entertaining, as seeing films more than once, but at the end of the day remember them is essential.

I would like to drive my next point for memorializing vocabulary as I describe below:

To sleep properly!

If you do not sleep enough, your brain can not work rightly.

A good bedtime rest is essentially for your process learning and brain: it is during the deepest phases of sleeping when happens the majority actions related to improving your memory.

To laugh!

Laughing is a sign that you are in a good mood, isn’t it?

To listen jokes and solve puzzles triggers brain areas which are fundamental to learning and your creativity. It is believed when a happier person is, the better way to think. How amazing we are, aren’t we?

Don’t worry, meditate!

It seems that meditation produces more activity in the left prefrontal cortex of the brain, it is the zone linked with feelings of happiness. Also, this builds more brain connections. Do you know what? This could extend your learning and mental ability.

To eat healthily!

You probably will know that having a diet based on fruits, vegetables, cereals, and proteins are advantageous for your health as also this involves your learning progress too.

To expand your mind!

Our brain, as our muscles, they need training in order to avoid stunting. As much as you train your brain, it will be better to process and remind further information.

Activities which require using hands are a good way to train your memory. To play a musical instrument, to juggle, to play ping pong, to take part in a board game, to make pottery are always an alternative to training your brain because you will need use coordination visual-handly and your creativity.

So, if you are considering that you need to improve your memorizing, do some of my suggestions I mentioned before, don’t forget to get together with your friends.


What do you think?




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